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Layher scaffolding is is an established German modular scaffolding system that is synonomous worldwide with high quality and practically tested scaffolding systems. It's fast, safe and lightweight... and Archway Services has been a keen ambassador for the system for years.

See us in the Layher UK Open Day video below.



Layher System scaffold and temporary roofing materials are designed to meet the requirements of the British Standard BS EN 12811-1:2003 Temporary Works Equipment – Part 1: Scaffolds – Performance Requirements and General Design.

Its ingenious connector technology has superseded conventional scaffolding connection techniques, both in design and strength. It offers an unbeatable range of uses:

  • Falsework
  • Bridging Systems
  • Access Stairs
  • Modular scaffolding
  • Facade scaffolding
  • Event systems for grandstands and stages
  • Weather protection roofs
  • Scaffolding cladding
  • Rolling towers
  • Ladders.

And we have used it across hundreds of scaffolding projects in :

  • Industrial sites such as chemical plants, power stations and shipyards.
  • Hospitals and Hotels
  • Retail Units
  • Large housing projects

Layher equipment allows the flexibilily for all your needs and requirements. Even with very difficult building designs and architectural features and styles, the modular system approach gives a heightened safety factor.





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