More and more organisations require bespoke design services for scaffolding. Archway Services have ISO-9001 process controls the full design element which will meet the required design specifications set out by our clients. We provide a team of design professionals all using the latest CAD technology that meets BS EN 12811: Parts 1 and 2.

At Archway Services, we offer design solutions and proven engineered concepts to ensure the client reaches optimised profitability with valuable advice on any potential cost or time improvement opportunity.

Design That's "Hands-on" Buildable

With over 30 years experience, we know scaffolding. And we know how to design scaffolding so that the team can construct it without any snags and glitches. Simple things like good pre-planning is essential with client co-operation and early inolvement for all projects.

These things that makes the difference.

Scaffold Design that's Time Conscious

We hold our own stock. We have our own team. We know what's best to ensure that Time, Cost and Labour are all factored into the designs to ensure the best configuration for our clients.

Scaffold Design that's Driven by Safety

Safety is paramount at Archway Services. We ensure we comply to all standards and run regular in-house training sessions. Our management team is constantly investigating new ways to ensure we minimise risk and remove hazards. We are accredited with all the leading bodies.

Design Calculations

Without meticulous design calculations, a design is incomplete and can not be used. Calculations are imperative and, often, a legal requirement. Calculations include crucial information such as:

  • The loading conditions on the structure (e.g. wind, snow load etc.)
  • The capacities of the scaffold components
  • The overall stability and rigidity of the structure
  • The load impact on supporting structures (such as foundations or adjacent structures)
  • The client's loading requirements.

Our scaffold designs are completed in accordance with current British and European Codes of Practice including BS EN 12811: Parts 1 and 2 and the TG20 guidelines issued by the NASC and are cross-referenced to the design drawings and design risk assessment.

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