Going up.

Aware the project was groundbreaking when we pitched for the 300 room Heathrow Travelodge Hotel, we were sure that bringing something extraordinary to the table (or should we say wall?) might help. Our intuition was proved right: we beat an unregulated competitor to win the contract. This may have been in part due to our long and exceptional track record; but it was also due to the fact that the ace up our sleeve was the cutting edge Layher system of scaffolding.

What you get is what you sea.

The Heathrow Travelodge Hotel is constructed of . . . wait for it: sea containers. Whilst that may sound odd, it's an economical and logical method of construction. It's also environmentally sound: when the hotel eventually reaches the end of its natural life or requires demolition, the containers that comprise its 'skeleton' can be recycled. It also means the building shot up in much less than half the time required to build a conventionally constructed hotel. This extraordinary building design then, seemed to call for an exceptional scaffolding company with a unique product.

The element of speed.

Enter Archway Services and Layher scaffolding. Layher UK provides an innovative scaffolding system called Allround® that comprises just five standard component elements. These elements are connected and secured to Layher's Allround Connector'. This connector features a 'rosette' welded onto the upright component, which can safely and securely accommodate up to eight individual connections.

When compared to conventional tube and fittings scaffolding, the Layher system is safer, easier to assemble and considerably stronger. The Layher designed modular system conforms in all aspects to the new British Standard BS EN 12811:1. The provision of the Layher scaffolding system by Archway Services at the Heathrow Travelodge Hotel was integral to the speed at which the building was constructed, and to the overall safety of the construction process. Ace up our sleeve indeed!

We're right up there.

Archway Services has been a member of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) since 2005. NASC has been the principle representative employers' organisation for the UK Access and Scaffolding Industry for more than 60 years; its standards, goals and motives are very much in keeping with our own. For them as for us, when it comes to standards, the operative word would be 'high' - which seems appropriate for one of the UK's leading scaffolding companies.

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