Mount Vernon Hospital

We are pleased to be involved in the construction of the New Technology Centre at the Mount Vernon Hospital, which will be linked to the Cancer Centre, one of the first in the United Kingdom and second in the world - the other one being in California. Mount Vernon Hospital is associated with The Hillingdon Hospital Trust and the West Hertfordshire Hospital Trust. The hospital provides non-surgical oncology services; it is also a reconstructive surgery and burns centre for adults and children - one of the largest such centres in the UK. It houses the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, which provides drop-in facilities for people affected by cancer, too.

The access structure of the New Technology Centre needed to be strong to bear the brickwork operations involved in the construction. One elevation was required to be built-off of cantilevered steels for cladding with a light weight design as the lower level roofs had very little roof design loadings.* Because it's up to 30% lighter than traditional tube and fittings, faster to assemble and extremely strong, the Layher Modular System of scaffolding was therefore chosen for the construction.

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